A Variety of Scrub Hats to Fit Your Style

We currently offer five different scrub hat styles in a wide variety of fabric selections. All of our scrub hats are handmade, right here in the United States. To learn more about each style, click on the product category below.

  • Traditional / Tieback Unisex Scrub Hat Style
    Traditional / Unisex TieBack

    A classic scrub hat style, the traditional tie back scrub hat style is similar to standard paper scrub hats worn in operating rooms. This scrub hat …

  • Tie Back Too Scrub Hat Scrub Hat Style
    Tie Back Too

    This tie-back scrub hat style offers plenty of room with elastic in the back and ties that are an extension of the scrub hat.  This …

  • Round Bouffant Scrub Hat Style
    Round Bouffant

    Made just like the regular paper bouffant scrub hats that are used in the O.R., this scrub hat style is similar to a shower cap. …

  • Mane Tie Back Scrub Hat Style
    Mane Tie Back

    If you tie back your mane in a pony tail or bun, this scrub hat style is for ewe! It is worn like a traditional tie back …

  • Banded Bouffant Scrub Hat Style
    Banded Bouffant

    A generous cut of quality fabric with authentic hand pleats that attach to a double band on the forehead. There are no exposed seams in …