International (all except Canada): USPS Priority $15.00 up to 10 scrub hats | Over 10 items, shipping cost is calculated by weight.

International orders and payment may be submitted via Paypal. A separate invoice will be sent for any additional shipping charges via email. Purchases can not be shipped without adequate international postage paid.

Please be advised that when you purchase from the U.S. and request that your package be sent internationally, you are confirming that you understand that the package is required to go through customs. Once the package is shipped, Hats4Ewe cannot be responsible for actual delivery. Customs numbers will be provided upon request.

Unfortunately, packages sent internationally that do not arrive cannot be resent. While we greatly appreciate our international customers and rarely experience any shipping issues, occasionally packages that are sent internationally do get lost during transit. If you have a U.S. shipping address that you can use, we highly recommend taking that route instead.